The Easiest Way for Insurance Advisors To Increase Their Sales by 30%

marketing May 10, 2018

Do you sell mortgage life insurance?  If yes, then this is for you.

This simple strategy increased my average insurance sale 30% overnight, and not because it was some slick sales process or fancy marketing, but because of neuroscience and the buying behaviours of consumers.


As much as you can implement the strategies I share here, this is ultimately an essay on choice and story selling as it relates to a sales process.

You’re a consumer. I’m a consumer. Sometimes when we are selling, we can forget that the way people buy is not the same way that we often sell. In general terms, most consumers like self-directed choice. As consumers, we want to feel that we can choose our path on our own free will.

Creating a buying scenario where you involve your client in the process and allow them to make the decision versus being told what they should do is the heart of why this little process worked so well.


We also love stories.  Stories create a mental...

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This Top Prospecting Trap is Easily Avoidable

The lack of emotional connection and personal story-branding is keeping potential clients from connecting with their would-be Advisor, Broker, Coach or Consultant.

Over the last 2 months, I have been on a quest to find the #1 frustration Solopreneurs experience when it comes to prospecting.

Some said they hated cold-calling, while other’s wouldn’t prospect if it rained out. Interesting. A few stated that they loved prospecting because they realised it was a numbers game, and some didn’t even know where to start, which is concerning considering most Solopreneurs I talk to come from “career shops” where they training is recognised as being some of the best. It was when I went through it years ago.

But from the 500 or so that I personally connected with, the biggest frustration for them was getting people interested in sitting down for a first time meeting.  They continually encountered the "I'm not interested or I'll think about...

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The 5 Marketing Tools We Use Everyday to Get Our Message Heard

The future is here, right now. 

Gone are the days of your prospect meeting you for the first time in your office to then only learn all about you.

These days social media and Google searches accelerate that consumer due diligence ten fold and if you’re not maximising those channels you blend into the beige background of being a commodity like everyone else trying to gain more share of wallet within your industry.

This space of nurturing is called a Platform. Like standing on an old soap box with a megaphone, your platform is the stage that you build to get your message out, and it requires a business approach to gain a sufficient ROI.

Here are 5 Tools to Help You Get Your Message Heard, that My Team Uses Every day!

LinkedIn – this is by far [still] the most underrated tool available to sales professionals today.  LinkedIn allows us to zero-in with laser like focus on specific niche markets and connects with them in large numbers every week, and add a...

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