This Top Prospecting Trap is Easily Avoidable

The lack of emotional connection and personal story-branding is keeping potential clients from connecting with their would-be Advisor, Broker, Coach or Consultant.

Over the last 2 months, I have been on a quest to find the #1 frustration Solopreneurs experience when it comes to prospecting.

Some said they hated cold-calling, while other’s wouldn’t prospect if it rained out. Interesting. A few stated that they loved prospecting because they realised it was a numbers game, and some didn’t even know where to start, which is concerning considering most Solopreneurs I talk to come from “career shops” where they training is recognised as being some of the best. It was when I went through it years ago.

But from the 500 or so that I personally connected with, the biggest frustration for them was getting people interested in sitting down for a first time meeting.  They continually encountered the "I'm not interested or I'll think about...

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Why You Should Never Run a Referral Campaign

referrals story selling Nov 01, 2017

Referral campaigns put the focus on the Advisor, have them appear needy and don’t line up with the foundation of trust-building which is built off of mutually serving intentions.

An introduction to a new client is the result of trust, bottom line. So beginning with the end in mind, when we look at how trust is formed: incrementally over time, we need to give it to get it; a picture emerges that suggests the allowance and acceptance of new introductions would be better served inside a “trusted advising” process.

But what does that look like? Let’s take a look at a client of mine to further understand.

Blake’s original process for asking for referrals was to only ask after the business was done.  He would simply ask: “who else do you know that could benefit from the work that we’ve just done together?” Another favourite of his was: “Mr Client, thank you for your business, now that we have the ACME strategy implemented, has...

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The 5 Marketing Tools We Use Everyday to Get Our Message Heard

The future is here, right now. 

Gone are the days of your prospect meeting you for the first time in your office to then only learn all about you.

These days social media and Google searches accelerate that consumer due diligence ten fold and if you’re not maximising those channels you blend into the beige background of being a commodity like everyone else trying to gain more share of wallet within your industry.

This space of nurturing is called a Platform. Like standing on an old soap box with a megaphone, your platform is the stage that you build to get your message out, and it requires a business approach to gain a sufficient ROI.

Here are 5 Tools to Help You Get Your Message Heard, that My Team Uses Every day!

LinkedIn – this is by far [still] the most underrated tool available to sales professionals today.  LinkedIn allows us to zero-in with laser like focus on specific niche markets and connects with them in large numbers every week, and add a...

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