How Top Advisors Add Value to Grow Their Books

prospecting value Oct 01, 2017

Top Advisors Focus on Adding Value to Grow Their Books.

My practice started in 2001 and ended happily in 2015. In 14 years I saw a slow progression from slick sales concepts being marketed to the need for value-added content that enriched my client’s lives. 

In 2017, just 2 years from selling my practice this new approach is exploding in financial services, and those Advisors who embrace it will have an avalanche of new business being pulled towards them, allowing them be in business and dodge the robo-advisors taking over the world.

The recent CNBC article written by Deborah Nason illuminates the trend of Financial Advisors adding coaching and counselling to their arsenal.[1]  While planners offer technical solutions, coaches motivate, inspire and add value to the relationship.

My Grandmother built a very successful real estate practice around the idea of adding value.  She knew every detail of her friends and prospects lives that she could send newspaper...

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