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Tired of the cash flow roller coaster? Wish referrals happened more often? Want business to come in faster? Want Your LinkedIn Profile Working for You?


Downloadable Case Studies

You can be next! You're only a decision away from having the best year ever.

Financial Planner

Mark turned a dormant LinkedIn account to an engine that delivers 3 to 4 new appointments every week.

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Get Set Up For Success

Imagine a "paint by numbers approach" to mastering LinkedIn & generation high quality appointments, referrals and gigs. Each step has been designed to enhance trust and ignite your ability to secure appointments and increase your income.

LinkedIn Automation Kit

The power of our trusted-automation is going to build your prospecting pool overnight while you sleep. Imagine, building a prospecting machine that works, so you don't have to!

Turn-key Blueprints, Funnels & Scripts

We guide you through the process of refining your niche market.

Our proven scripts give you high conversions and immediate enagagement, because we've layered in the Reina Trust Building Model.

You'll love the neuro-messaging sequence structure we provide you to building trust online and seeing an ROI.

Daily Routine Plan & Referral Partner, JV & Media Contacts Strategy Playbook

Having a game plan is half the battle and we give it to you straight up, making it easy to stay consistent and orgranised.  

If getting media coverage as an "ask the expert" candidate is in your view, we lay out the steps to make that happen, along with cultivating strategic referral partners along the way.

Prospect Management System

It would be foolish to attract key prospects only to lose them in the shuffle. 

Our prospect management tool:

tracks the progress of your new leads
tells you which activities need to be done
It even has the capacity of sending compelling content without you touching a key board! 

Log-in to your dashboard on your PC or use the mobile phone app.

Dedicated Support Group

The power of a peer group, the access to a sales & prospecting coach provide a community that you can bounce ideas off of, get the latest hacks and take your business to the next level.

Strategic 1 on 1 Advising

You will work directly with Ty to design your ultimate strategy and tie it into your entire marketing efforts.

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Choose Your Path

If you're looking for a complete lead generation & client acquisition system, the engine will reliably deliver for you you over and over again. The Sales Appointment Engine is an online course allowing you to learn and implement at your pace. We train you in every facet of leveraging trust-building on LinkedIn to generate new leads, sales, clients and referrals. If you are looking for a "done for you" approach, please visit our Done For You page.



Onetime +GST

Niche Market Prospecting Formula

Hidden Buyer Pains Blueprint

LinkedIn Prospecting Funnel

High Converting LinkedIn Profile Kit

Gain Insight Into The Best Practices for Connecting With Prospects & Generating Referrals.

Complete Set of Connection Scripts




12 Payments or $1997 paid in full

Everything included in LinkedIn Essentials plus...

+ Lifetime Access & Updates

+ Sales Strategy Blueprint

+ Link Your Sales Process with LinkedIn

+ Our Neuro Messaging Sequence Which Converts Leads into Appointments

+ Prospecting Automation Kit

+ Prospect Management System

+ Daily Activity Guide

+ How to get Speaking Gigs, Referrals, Sponsorships, JV Agreements & Media Exposure.

+ LinkedIn Video Mastery

+ 1 On-boarding Strategy Session

+ 3 Strategic Advising Sessions (90 minutes in total)

+ Lifetime access to our Facebook Group, live coaching & peer support.

+ Prospect Management System Configuration Support

+ Automation Configuration Support

**60 Day Money Back Guarantee

**Monthly payment plans are paid over 12 months and are not a subscription service.


Need More Information?

In this 10 minute video we show you a behind the scenes look at (1) The Training Portal (2) The LinkedIn Automation (3) The Prospect Management System. All of which make up the Sales Appointment Engine


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Learn the 5 steps that accelerate trust, increase referability and position solopreneurs as a trusted authority in any niche.


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