What Would 25, 50 or 150 Leads Each Month Do For Your Business?

We engage in highly personalised B2B & B2C conversations using LinkedIn, Email, Twitter, Retargeting Ads, all with your ideal customers and once they respond with interest, your sales team simply picks up the conversation with them and work on closing the deal.

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Step #1: We Begin With Research and Prospecting

We determine your ideal customer profile but also discover hidden commonalities among your clients. We then identify thousands of key decision makers matching that profile.

For this we use a mix of channels like phone, email, social media, and search engines but also our own platform which leverages machine learning algorithms to prioritize leads.

Step #2: We Develop and Start Your Campaign & Give You a Campaign Dashboard

We'll create a highly personalized neuro-messaging sequence, optimized for increased conversion rates. In addition to this, we can also set up a retargeting campaign to ensure that we capture the attention of your abandoning visitors.

Step #3: You Start Receiving Hot Leads in Your Inbox & Get SMS notifications!

When someone responds with interest, we'll forward that message to your inbox so you can continue the conversation from where we left off and work on closing that deal.

You'll also receive a list of all the quality leads we were able to track down for you. You can later use this list to increase your conversion rate even more.

Campaign Choices Are Paid in Canadian Funds!

If you're looking for a managed solution that leverages both email, LinkedIn messages/connections then these options are for you. ***We GUARANTEE monthly hot leads for you***

30 Day Campaign


Email Outreach (800 Quality Leads Contacted)

5 Guaranteed Hot Leads (Min)

Campaign Design & Setup

2 Nurture & Follow-up Messages

A/B Testing (limited)

Lead Sheets

Campaign Dashboard

CRM integration

Activate Now

60 Day Campaign


2 payments of $2098.50

Email Outreach (1600 Quality Leads Contacted)

10 Guaranteed Hot Leads (Min)

Campaign Design & Setup

Nurture & Follow-up Messages

A/B Testing Limited

Lead Sheets

Campaign Dashboard

CRM integration

Activate Now

90 Day Campaign


3 payments of $1999

3600 Quality Email Leads Contacted Per Month

30 Guaranteed Hot Leads (Min)

Social Outreach (LinkedIn & Twitter)

Sales Chatbot Available

Campaign Design & Setup

3 Nurture & Follow-up Messages

Advanced A/B Testing

Lead Sheets

Retargeting Ads Available (Google & FB)

Campaign Dashboard

CRM integration

Activate Now

Calculate Your Campaign ROI

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A Behind The Scenes Look of an Active Campaign

23 Leads in 13 Days & We are Just Getting Started!



What are Hot Leads? Hot leads are the leads that we contact and who respond with a genuine interest. The amount varies depending on your service, price, offer, and your target market but you will never receive less than the number that we guarantee on our plans.

What are Quality Leads? The quality leads are all the ideal companies that we're reaching out to, on your behalf. This list is very valuable, as all quality leads will match your ideal customer profile.

What do the Messages Look Like? We never advise for overly descriptive language, as the prospects will usually reject the approach. We always remove any descriptive adverbs and adjectives as one-to-one personal communication is never polished but punchy, rough and functional. It should never read like a statement or sales letter developed by brand marketing teams. None of our messages offer advice or promote products and therefore are also compliance approved (if applicable).

How do I Receive My Hot Leads? You will receive the Hot Leads directly into your inbox. Through a special setup, you'll be able to continue the conversation with the prospect simply by hitting the reply button inside your messaging client. Also, we are invisible to the prospect at all stages. 

When do I get My Lead Sheet & What is it? A lead sheet is a spreadsheet containing all quality leads, with full contact details. On the Medium and Established plan it includes the email addresses as well. You get the spreadsheet containing all quality leads, at the end of your billing cycle. Later on you can increase your conversions by taking the lead sheet and then following up with phone calls and direct mail pieces or even add them on LinkedIn, to stay in front of your prospects. 

What are Re-targeting Ads? Behavioral re-targeting (also known as behavioral re-marketing, or simply, re-targeting) is a form of online advertising, where we target the visitors who abandoned your website without converting. In essence, this complementary method will help you capture the attention of the companies who visit but then abandon your website.

How Can You Guarantee Leads? Our clients hire us for results. Digital marketing is a data driven process and we are highly confident with our messaging, processes and split testing because we do this every day.


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