Double Your Income in 18 Months Using LinkedIn

Are you making at least $57,000 a year directly from your LinkedIn efforts? If no...then you're in the right place!


This is for you if...

  • You're tired of the cash flow roller coaster.

  • You are about to run out of people to talk to.

  • You wish family and friends would refer you more often.

  • You've become disenchanted with attending networking events.

  • You're dreaming of rocking a niche market.

  • You're feeling like business isn't coming to you fast enough.

  • You have a LinkedIn account and are not earning at least $57K a year directly from the platform.

  • Your existing clients take for ever to refer you.

" Working with Tyler added tremendous value to my processes and future endeavours, his systems are easy to follow and implement."

Group Benefits Advisor

"Tyler's coaching is perfect for the professional looking for a sales growth. He gives a fresh approach and provides strategies that work."

Franchise Partner

"I have always recommended Ty. He is honest and his systems are well explained and deliver on his promise."

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Your Trainer, Ty Hoffman

Hey friend, I have been advising sales professionals for over 17 years. As a Qualified Trust Partner with Reina, a trust-building consultancy, I bring you a competitive edge. With the same training I am sharing with you, I was able to take my income from $85K to $212,000 and recruit 107 Advisors. Later I went on to sell the practice to a private equity firm for 3x earnings.  You can too! Since 2016 - I have been helping Solopreneurs and Professionals like you, from around the world make LinkedIn work for them.


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